First Christian Church of St. Ignatius


Our Directions


There are four turn-offs from Highway 93 into Saint Ignatius. When using either the south turn-off (by S&K Industries) or the north turn-off (opposite Lower Crossing Road), you will drive right to the church without making any turns. The church will be on your left if coming from the south, and on your right if coming from the north.

When using the turn-off opposite the Sinclair gas station, drive in on Mountain View Drive until the road makes a tee. Turn left and the church is about one block north on your left.

We don’t recommend using the Mission Drive turn-off to reach the church.

Responding to the call to discipleship is not something that can be done only on Sunday. At whatever point a person recognizes his need to receive salvation, that is the time to proceed. If you have reached that point, or if you have questions and would like to talk about them, please contact us.